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27 octobre 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

Hello everybody !

First, I spent a months in england, I’m going to tell you my hollidays and compare the life in France and England. During my trip I sleep in a family than she was very friendly.

27 octobre 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

Our impressions of the trip

We had adore our trip because the food are really good and the people are very welcoming. We would like to return. On this picture we can see an English breakfeast where there are eggs, bread, ketchup, bacon, …

27 octobre 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

The life in England

Contrary to France, the English people are very happy, even when they have a problem. The English never  »grumble » . At school, the students had a uniform (like in the picture) . I find that people are more friendly in England than in France.

27 octobre 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

The different monuments I have visited

During my trip, I could see different things like : -Big Ben, -The Thames, Or I was able to take a turn on the famous « London Eye ».It took us thirty minutes and when I was on up, we can look Big Ben, Buckingham palace and even the London Tower.

27 octobre 2015 ~ 0 Commentaire

To conclued :

I adore the life in England, but I prefer to be French because in France the weather is really good contrary to England.

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